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Giving away my pearls of wisdom …

Since starting the studio I have now run a handful of tuition based workshops and, to be completely honest, I love doing them.  

Nothing better than seeing a group of photographers arrive with “what they want to get out of the session” and leave with so much more.  

It kind of saddens me to think that there is a lot of studios out there who run workshops and Model Days (you pay an hourly rate to hire the model and studio) but there are very few who also give proper tuition while they do so.  Some of the stories I have heard from photographers who have attended my workshops is that they are just “passed the trigger and told to shoot.”  Where’s the value in that?  Surely there is more long term value to share your knowledge with photographers so that they will then return to do their own shoots using your studio and guidance?  I think it’s all a bit short sighted to think otherwise.

With that in mind I started thinking about what workshops could I do to really give photographers something decent to learn and takeaway – while also giving them skills to return to the studio for their own shoots.  And it then hit me.  My beauty work is, I am told, incredibly strong and is where I have received some of my best acclaim to date.  But its not just the photography – its the retouching.  Now, we could go on for hours about this (I am sure I will post about it at some point in time) but, for me, there is one simple rule.  Photoshop, and any editing software for that matter, is there to enhance an already brilliant image that you have captured; not completely transform into something unrecognisable from the original.   Dials or adjustments such as exposure and contrast should never be touched – if you can’t get those two things right in camera then, to be quite honest, you are simply not a photographer.   However, what photoshop does allow me to do is enhance a subjects beauty through a series of lengthy, time consuming adjustments … but the end result is always just that little bit more perfect than the original.  I never lengthen necks, shrink noses or increase the size of eyes as my rule tends to be if you are born with it: it is staying but I like to think of my workflow as on the acceptable side of manipulation.

Within that in mind I have put together a beauty photography and retouching workshop that is planned to run on December 30th.  If you, or anyone else you know, are interested in taking a spot then please just drop me a line.


Much love.




Jumping in at the deep end …

So, having been putting this off for some time.  However, having just recently pressed publish on my brand-new-website, I have had no choice and have bitten the bullet and decided to write my own blog.  I do not pretend to be a literary genius or have a particularly diverse of witty vocabulary.  However, I from this moment on I will share my work here as it progresses from concept (eureka moment), through to planning, shooting, editing, submitting and publishing my images.  Hopefully, for those who are interested, it will give a little insight into the process and what goes on behind making the image.

Just need to now think of my first post …

Much love